Conversation Between cmfadmin and steve41

Conversation Between cmfadmin and steve41

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  1. OK.... steve41 here. I simply cannot get on. I get to a point where I am trying to get my password emailed back to me, and it asks for the answer to the question "what is the sum of 8 plus 8? I respond '16' and it tells me I am wrong. I am completely stymied with my password and getting back on. (I killed all my cookies as well, BTW)

    Could you respond via regular email with a password for steve41?

    Steve Salter (steve41)

  2. Just a heads up. When clicking on "New Posts", the page 'wait 8 seconds' ALWAYS comes up. This is irrespective of when you click "New Posts" after a day, or after 5 minutes, or after 5 seconds.

    This seems to be a bug.

    Steve Salter
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