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: Telus has lowered their fees

2011-04-11, 04:10 PM
I read an article about this last week and was going to call and make sure that my cell phone was changed to the new less expensive plan - they had already done it for me.

I have to use Telus as they are the only ones I know of that have the rural service I require.

2011-04-11, 08:43 PM
Do you have more details? Is this a rate reduction right across the board?

2011-04-11, 08:54 PM
Just got my bill today no reductions for me lol

2011-04-12, 09:25 AM
No it's just their cell phone plan through Clearnet in response to cheaper plans offered by Mobilocity and Windmibile. Here is the article I read.

2011-04-13, 10:39 AM
Competition? Lower cell phone prices? Uh oh heads are gonna roll at the CRTC