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2009-07-01, 06:26 PM
Hey guys, I know it's a bit late in the day, but Mcd's is offering free specialty coffee today (Canada Day)!

2011-11-01, 07:37 PM
Free coffee is on again at Mcd's until Nov 6, 2011.

2011-11-01, 08:07 PM
They don't need to do it. That coffee has become extremely popular since the new blend a couple of years back. Tim Hortons coffee is sharp and slightly bitter. MCD coffee has a nice taste, arabica beans, best in the world.

I'm not a coffee drinker so I speak objectively when I say MCD coffee really is better.

This is all part of the breakfast wars, the sort of last frontier in this type of eatery. When MCD came out with this coffee, Tim Hortons responded with their own breakfast sandwich. I still think MCD is gaining tremendous ground in their coffee. I don't eat the food, I go there just for the coffee. The service is excellent. A1.

2011-11-01, 08:25 PM
I never thought I would say this but I also prefer Mcdonald's coffee to Tim's.

2011-11-01, 09:36 PM
I save so much money, I've never drank a cup in my life. I visit Tim's once a year for lunch on a drive.

Their stock is good haha

2011-11-01, 09:39 PM
I never thought I would say this but I also prefer Mcdonald's coffee to Tim's.

By far the best... this coming from a long time Timmy's drinker. If I get a choice now, I pick Mc.D's.

2011-11-01, 09:44 PM
Best freaking lid!None of the tab crap.great coffee too.

2011-11-01, 09:53 PM
They also have a loyalty program where you collect stickers with every cup. I believe every 5 cups results in a free coffee? Pretty good return if you drink 5 free coffees to begin with! :)

2011-11-01, 11:21 PM
I didnt know they had a coffee program,good to know.
monopoly is out right now too,im looking @ my cup right now,didnt know they were partnerd up with walmart in the game.

2011-11-02, 05:05 AM
note that the stickers and the card are right in the cup packaging.

2011-11-02, 10:01 AM
Note that you only get one coffee per car if you are ordering through the drive through. I agree with the others that I prefer McD coffee to Tims. If the kids didn't like Tims donuts so much, we'll probably get our coffee fix at McDs.

I don't think McDs coffees are all that popular at least based on a couple of observations near our home where a Tims and McDs are next door to each other. McDs has a big poster offering free small coffee but the queues at the Tims' drive through are always much much longer (at least during breakfast and in the evening).

2011-11-02, 11:28 AM
^ That's another reason why I prefer McD coffee. The queue is very short. I don't have any desire to wait 15 minutes even to get free coffee, much less have to pay for mediocre crud. My morning coffee is either at home or work.

By the way, I read the TH is rolling out espresso-based coffee starting this month. Starting price point is $2, so it might be good value. I will have something to order when I must go to TH. Hopefully it is half-decent coffee.

2011-11-02, 03:51 PM
I'm sure it won't be.

What is the likelihood that Timmie's will actually use freshly roasted beans? It is more likely they will have a huge amber-tinted grinder will with 20 lbs of beans that will stale in a day or two.

They they will sell this crappy coffee for a cheap price. Seems like a lose-lose situation to me.

I honestly think that NA has a long way to go to actually developing a palate for coffee. Starbucks might have introduced and popularized espresso, but the majority of NAs still don't seem to care.

Folger's was great for me as a shareholder, but did terrible terrible things for coffee.

2011-11-02, 04:33 PM
I honestly think that NA has a long way to go to actually developing a palate for coffee. Starbucks might have introduced and popularized espresso, but the majority of NAs still don't seem to care.

Yea I used to think Timmies coffee was amazing. Starbucks is just too overpriced. It's weird because most things are more expensive in Europe but coffee, wine, beer, cigarettes etc are much cheaper and better (don't know about cigarettes) The Timmies drive through lineups are a cultural and environmental disaster imo. Here everyone just leisurely gets a coffee at different places

Sadly McDs coffee is better than Tim's. And they have free WiFi too

2011-11-02, 05:14 PM
SBUX coffee is no more fresh-roasted than Tims. I will reserve judgement. I have had better espresso from the ready-meal counter at the grocery store than SBUX.

2011-11-02, 06:50 PM
I never said I thought SBUX had good coffee now did I? ;) Still a nice one to invest in, not now, but 3 years ago.

I don't buy the 'too expensive argument' though, because if you actually do a $/volume comparison, Starbucks is a lot less expensive if you are comparing drip coffees. You just have to put up with over roasting burned gross flavor in your mouth.

If the espresso at Tim's is good, that would be great, I just doubt it.

Like most here, I sorta enjoy McDs over Tim's, but the watery aftertaste is quite odd. I'm always amazed how these companies can take normal goods (like beef or coffee beans) and make then taste so generic and consistent. Its quite amazing really.

2011-11-02, 07:15 PM
That's the thing, when I go to Starbucks for the annual "anthropological expedition" (ERE) I never see anyone buy the plain coffee it's so bad I end up buying some $6 macchiato thing. I'll drink espresso straight out of a Bialetti though

2011-11-02, 10:11 PM
I can't stand sugar in coffee, so I would normally end up with a plain latte. Under duress, though. Their drip coffee is just unspeakably awful.

2011-11-03, 07:35 PM
I don't drink coffee, and my wife and I never stop for coffee on our way in to work, but, we have stopped 3 times this week for her to get a free cup!

2011-11-03, 10:17 PM
I too prefer McD's coffee to Tim's. Stopped in NY state a couple weeks ago, and ordered a large McDonald's coffee... oops... not the same down there. It was horrid... like the old McD's coffee.
NY state travel tip: Stewart's gas stations... coffee is decent.. everywhere else featured dishwater

Plugging Along
2011-11-04, 03:04 PM
That's the thing, when I go to Starbucks for the annual "anthropological expedition" (ERE) I never see anyone buy the plain coffee it's so bad I end up buying some $6 macchiato thing. I'll drink espresso straight out of a Bialetti though

For me, I find Starbucks coffee more expensive (even their regular), so on the very few occasions I do go, I go for the fancy things. I think of it as like going to a dessert cafe and ordering a salad.

2011-11-05, 08:05 AM
Just got a free coffee via drive through. Tomorrow is the last day!

2011-11-05, 08:06 AM
^ How was the coffee, FT?

2011-11-05, 08:34 AM
I thought it was very good. It never had the cigarette ash taste that most commercial coffees have!

2011-11-09, 10:13 AM
Has anyone else tried this coffee since this thread began? Comments? :D

2011-11-09, 10:48 AM
I had a cup during the free period, and I retract my previous statement that I prefer it (at least over Tim's).

Terrible. The coffee is bland. I liken it to the reaction I get from aspartame. Upon the first sip, there are hints of flavor textures and some sort of profile of complexity, then after 1 second, you taste water.

Any Moka pot or French press with half-decent beans will outperform. I'll stick with more traditional brewing methods.

2011-11-09, 11:53 AM
I have had the odd watery cup from McD (same as TH). Not sure why they are not consistent. I have had several pretty good cups there, too. To be fair, I find TH more variable in quality.

2011-11-09, 01:06 PM
I always get a DD from TH's. Not coffee, more like a dessert.

Has anyone tried the espresso at Tim's yet? or even at McD's yet? any opinions on those?

2011-11-09, 01:08 PM
TH has the best peach drink and chili.

MCD has the best egg mcmuffin and coffee.

Though none (except for black coffee) is a particularly healthy choice, so I don't get them often. Only sometimes.

2011-11-09, 01:28 PM
I've tried a latte from McD. It was adequate--nothing to write home about (though I'm not crazy about SBUX, etc. either). I don't think the TH espresso is out yet, is it? I'll try it when I see it in store. I just hardly ever go there.

I drink my drip coffee with a splash of milk to moderate the acidity a little bit. I think this is a perfectly healthy beverage, as long as I don't overdo it with the caffeine. Packed with antioxidants.

2011-11-09, 02:05 PM
I drink my drip coffee with a splash of milk to moderate the acidity a little bit. I think this is a perfectly healthy beverage, as long as I don't overdo it with the caffeine. Packed with antioxidants.

My wife was trying to give me a hard time about drinking too much coffee the other day (as I sip on my 4th shot of the day).

It is by far one of the most studied drugs around, and there has been very little if any reports that it has negative effect on health. In fact, it is usually included in every study on cancer, always showing no effect.

Even prolonged use of caffeine doesn't seem to have lasting effects, and physiological tolerance is gone well before the standard withdrawl effects seen for other drugs.

It truely is one of God's wonderful gifts. :D

McMuffins on the other hand, good yes, healthy, no chance!

2011-11-09, 02:19 PM
You guys are too fancy! I found the coffee to be fine. What do you guys think if k-cups?

2011-11-09, 02:28 PM
LOL @ this thread. What's a k cup?

Actually, the trouble with coffee has more to do with the calories when milk, cream and sugar are added. I believe it has very few calories if enjoyed black. I always take my MCD coffee black, nothing added. MCD knocked one out of the park with their new blend.

Remember, I'm not a coffee drinker. I had maybe 5 cups a year tops until they came out with their new blend. Now I have about 10-15 cups a year.

It's good.

2011-11-09, 02:40 PM
The Keurig single serve machine (for home use) uses k-cups to make a convenient cup of coffee. I have one and use it all the time!

2011-11-09, 02:50 PM
This one?

Is it frugal? :D

2011-11-09, 03:11 PM
LOL, i thought someone would call me out on that! Speaking of frugal, i use the reusable k-cup container and buy grinds. :)

2011-11-09, 03:26 PM
All those single-serve coffee dispensers are a great marketing ploy. The machines are expensive, and the coffee cups are expensive, and the end result is something that has a hard time matching what a good drip coffee maker can do. And ever try making coffee for a crowd with one of those things? My aunt was trying to make it work when she had about 30 or 40 of our family members there. She had gotten rid of her traditional perk machine.

Sampson, by overdoing it on caffeine, I mean getting jittery or having a hard time sleeping at night. I have a high tolerance for caffeine, but I can overdo it sometimes.

TRM, I think milk is just fine in coffee. Black is about 5 kcals a serving, adding a tablespoon of 1% makes it 20 kcals. I would need 100 cups of coffee with milk a day to hit my BMR caloric intake from coffee alone.

2011-11-09, 03:29 PM
If you're looking for a convenient way to make a single cup of good coffee, check out the aeropress. 1/10th the cost of a Keurig. Keep the rest of the money for a big rench press or drip maker when you have guests. I took my aeropress camping, which improved my camping experience significantly.

2011-11-09, 05:30 PM
Did you guys see how GMCR had a big earning miss?

The novelty is beginning to fade, although I think they still have a lot of growth left.

I agree with andrewf about the marketing. Those single cups are ridiculously expensive, but they try to make per cup comparisons with buying coffee out. So unless you pay your secretary to brew your coffee...

@ andrew
I've been meaning to try/buy an aeropress, but the coffee gear keeps accumulating. This starting to become an obsession. Some people like cars, I like coffee :p

2011-11-10, 11:11 AM
Banned for not discussing Tim Hortons chili. Since you're a coffee fan and all. :p

2011-11-10, 12:22 PM
Well, Sampson, my testimonial for the aeropress is that I'm thinking of buying a second one so I can have one at home and another at work.

2011-11-10, 12:34 PM
I have 2 aeropresses at home and one at work (and my husband has one at work). I bought the metal filters and they are working well - @andrew let me know if you want one to try and I'll send you one.

People at my office now routinely ask "can I use that cool coffee maker you have?" A bunch of people moved to a different floor and they bought an aeropress for that floor. :)

2011-11-10, 04:35 PM
It's a tough one. I'm an espresso drinker. I have a machine at home and at work, so the aeropress would really be an different beast altogether.

I am awfully curious. Its just too bad I can't try the coffee made from one. :p

Sharing one would seem a little difficult, how long does it take to clean one out and make the 2nd, 3rd cup?

2011-11-10, 06:46 PM
It makes a form of espresso (defined as coffee extracted under pressure). It takes about 1 second to clean it out and prepare the next coffee. :cool:

2011-11-10, 07:37 PM
OK, you guys have me curious so I checked out the website. $40 for the contraption seems like a pretty good deal. What kind of grinds do you guys use? Or do you grind your own?

2011-11-10, 08:51 PM
Another simple way to make good coffee is the Bialetti. It's quite common to see them at work in Europe and you can take them camping etc. Makes a perfect cup every time because the temp and pressure are controlled by steam pressure whereas the Aeropress is done by hand and you need a microwave/kettle to heat the water. I like them both as simple, cheap easy ways to make better coffee

2011-11-10, 09:14 PM
The problem with Moka pots is that most offices don't allow burners, so unless you want to break some fire regulations (which I know of people who do), then there has to be another option.

MG, while I'm keenly interested to try the aeropress because of the reviews it gets, there is no way you will convince me it is espresso. No crema, no sweetness.

@ FT. grinding your own beans is the ONLY way to go. Grinding unlocks the aromas and all the flavor disappears in minutes/hours. The best way I've heard it described is that pre-grinding your beans is like having someone 'pre-open' your beer for you.

2011-11-10, 09:29 PM
But there IS crema. OK, gotta get on a flight; be back later. :)

2011-11-13, 09:01 AM
Since it's been mentioned numerous times with rave reviews, I've asked for an Aeropress for Christmas :p

2011-11-13, 01:03 PM
I'm considering asking for the same thing for xmas!!

2011-11-13, 01:57 PM
I wish MCD would sell their coffee grounds separately like TH does.

2011-11-22, 09:28 PM
trm, that could be next, you never know.

Here in the GTA they mailed out alot of coupons this week to promote their specialty coffee's now that about half of the MCD's have a cafe bar installed.

2011-11-22, 10:13 PM
just had an americano at McD's today. just as bad as Starsux, awaiting to try Tim's.

2011-11-22, 11:37 PM
I saw a review online somewhere--apparently the TH offering is pretty horrific. They use powdered milk in their latte, and deposit a cocoa smiley face on top of the foam.

2011-11-23, 07:44 AM
Thanks Cal. Yes, I got that same coupon book and there are a bunch of them here in the lunch room also.

My friend sent me some pix of a MCCAFE in a mall in Guatemala City and it looked really good. Probably not too healthy though, if you're concerned about that.

But my preference is for their regular new blend coffee, black and as plain as it comes. I've never been into the fancier, more expensive coffees. So I am hoping they'll release the regular coffee for home use at some point.

2011-11-23, 10:27 AM
^ You can buy equivalent or better coffee at the grocery store. Unless you have the same or similar equipment, you probably would not get the same result out of their coffee at home. Same goes for all the people who buy TH at a hefty premium for home use. It doesn't taste the same, to the extent I kind of doubt it's even the same coffee they serve.

2011-11-23, 10:51 AM
But my preference is for their regular new blend coffee, black and as plain as it comes. I've never been into the fancier, more expensive coffees.

They aren't always much more expensive, and if you are after a 'taste' of espresso but enjoy lingering on a large cup of joe, americanos are a good way to try. Mine cost $1.99 for the med (which is obviously pretty large).

My prob with the McCafe is the beans they use for espresso are just over roasted- like Starbux. Leaves this brutal burnt taste in your mouth. Maybe their are too many boomers and those from the depression/silent era still around in NA who grew up on percolators. On a note about Tim's and powdered milk, McDs does seem to use canned whipped cream for those interested, but I don't know if Starbux does the same?

The McCafe stands are tough to miss. The store I went to in the Walmart had a board about 1/3 the size of everything else. Its hard to find an apple pie or small fries on the menu now, but coffee, right there. Seemed pretty popular too. Good for shareholders pockets :D

I'll bet that Tim's will have success too, since people are all over the whipped cream, vanilla bean, chocho latto McCafo mocha drinkos.

2011-11-23, 03:08 PM
^ You can buy equivalent or better coffee at the grocery store. Unless you have the same or similar equipment, you probably would not get the same result out of their coffee at home. Same goes for all the people who buy TH at a hefty premium for home use. It doesn't taste the same, to the extent I kind of doubt it's even the same coffee they serve.

In working there, I learned that it was not the same coffee. It is definitely a different grind (less coarse), and I'm fairly certain I'd heard it is from different beans.

2012-08-07, 02:38 PM
MCD's is offering free coffee again until Aug 12, 2012!

2012-08-07, 04:13 PM
Thanks Frugal Buddy! :peach:

2012-08-08, 01:56 AM
Yes, and I had 4 today. Maybe a new record for free coffee. Not great coffee but I never complain when it is free.

2012-08-08, 09:12 AM
LOL! Guess the MCD's caffeinated stuff really works wonder for late night CMFrs ... and how did you manage to get 4 cups in a day or maybe in your case two after midnight when it's supposingly limited to 1 per person per day? That may be indeed a record ...:biggrin:

2012-08-08, 02:04 PM
I was heading into Victoria and stopped at three different locations! Twice at one location but they didn't mention the one per day rule.
They were all on my way so no extra fuel in case someone is tracking that!

2012-10-24, 08:57 AM
McDonald's is once again running the free coffee promotion: one small coffee per visit from October 29 to November 4, 2012.

2012-10-29, 01:08 PM
My wife will be happy to hear that!

2012-10-29, 07:55 PM
My favourite part is that they give you the savings (of a small coffee) if you buy a med or a large. Yay for $0.42 large coffee.

2012-10-29, 09:10 PM
Yes, we need that MCD stock to go up. Everybody buy extra stuff when getting free coffee!

2012-12-29, 08:21 PM
The new MCD coupon book that we got this week has a coupon for a free MCD coffee.

My wife made me go through the mail room recycling bin to see if other people had thrown theirs in the recycling.

Only found her one. :)

2012-12-30, 05:53 AM
Thanks for the heads up, I didn't even look in the coupon book yet!

2013-02-23, 12:48 PM
McDonald's fans ... rejoice! :chuncky:

2013-10-29, 12:32 PM
Return of the free coffee (small) from McDonald - October 28 to November 3, 2013. :listening_headphone

2013-10-29, 01:44 PM
It's good coffee!

2013-10-29, 02:42 PM
Surprisingly good or better than THI as is (black) and not because it's "free" per se though that's welcomed. :peach:

2013-10-29, 02:48 PM
I like Mcdonald's coffee now , big improvement over what they use to serve.

2013-10-29, 06:41 PM
It's been five or six years now with this new brew hasn't it? I've been drinking it for around four years now but it took me a while to switch from Tim's. Mostly because the lineup at McD's is shorter in the am than Tim's and now I stay for the taste. Pretty decent coffee.

2013-10-30, 07:54 AM
I'm not a big fan of Tim Hortons. Their buildings and parking lots are all this standard postage stamp size which is clearly insufficient for capacity. I feel like I'm a high speed conveyor belt when I go there. Most of the customers seem in a hurry, impatient. I definitely keep things flowing and watch for my chance in line so as not to hold things up but it's too stressful an experience.

I never have these probs at MCD in the rare instances I go there for coffee. Service is friendly, they are fast but I don't feel like I'm being rushed through either.

2013-10-30, 08:36 PM
I prefer TH coffee over MCD. Luckily there's a TH on the ground floor of the building I work in.

2013-10-30, 09:37 PM
We go to either MCD or THI whichever is most convenient, and we like it when you do to since we own shares in both.
Heck we even keep smiling when we're stuck in those long lineups.
They've been great holdings - drip those dividends, just like making a good pot of coffee :)

2014-02-19, 09:08 AM
I wonder who gets more traffic ... TH's rollup the rim or MCD's free coffee?

2014-02-19, 09:44 AM
Thanks for letting us know!

2014-02-26, 09:58 PM
My wife has been in 2x this week already!

2014-02-27, 08:54 AM
The coffee and breakfast wars are heating up. 800 new restaurants for TH and yet another run of free MCD coffee. Oh and someone told me Taco Bell was coming out with some sort of waffle crunch wrap thing for breakfast. That might be a US thing. Apparently there's growth potential in breakfast.

2015-02-22, 08:17 PM

2015-11-15, 11:20 AM
beep beep

2015-11-15, 12:05 PM
They just uped the price of the coffee AGAIN

it was 160 when they started this blitz now it is 180 for a med DD
In under 2 years grrrr

2015-11-24, 08:51 AM
If it's made from Central American coffee bean, I'd expect the worst coffee rust crisis that in some cases is cutting production 80% in a single year - then I'm surprised it's only gone up that little.


2015-12-07, 06:20 AM
try a mocha with whipped cream

2015-12-10, 03:13 PM
Have to try it.

We no longer stop at Tim Hortons. We found their coffee to be very inconsistent from one visit to the next. Sometimes OK, usually very mediocre to our taste, and sometimes so bad that we have asked for another cup.

Tim Horton's has a consistency issue. Not only with the coffee, but also with the service. Staff seem to very uncoordinated as well. They need to hire some process folks from MacDonalds and then go out and train the franchisees.

2016-02-25, 04:53 PM
Must be nice to be a MCD shareholder. :biggrin:

2016-06-07, 09:28 PM
They have the $1 and $2 drink promo on this summer.

2016-06-07, 10:50 PM
Are they going to offer free coffee in this summer? I would love to have a free offer.

Download their apps on smartphone and use the coupon for free small coffee as many as you want. Offer period is May 10 to June 12, 2016.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can print coupon from their website.

2016-11-09, 08:37 AM
A fan :loyal:

2017-01-23, 05:42 AM
try a mocha with whipped cream

:love-struck::love-struck: love it

2017-02-26, 10:03 PM
Goes well with the cold weather ... :smiley_simmons: