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  1. Discussions on tax software
  2. How Investment Taxes Work
  3. Deductions Available to Home Business Owners
  4. Dividend Income Question
  5. Who's done with their taxes?
  6. TFSA Strategy
  7. Beneficiary Designation for TFSA's-Question
  8. tax refund - offset capital losses in 2008 with gains in 2005 - how does it work ?
  9. How much for an accountant?
  10. Taxes on short sales for stocks
  11. What are you doing to take advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit ?
  12. New T3
  13. What are you going to do with your tax return?
  14. Ontario's HST impact on MERs
  15. Move from efund to ETF, superficial losses?
  16. Flow-through tax shelters and other tax shelters
  17. Deduction for home workshop
  18. Moving for Work & Stipends
  19. Charitable Donation Tax Credit
  20. Non-citizen spouse
  21. TFSA- Contributions vs Withdrawals
  22. Tax refund or ineffective tax planning?
  23. Rental income from roommate (I own the home)
  24. Do you do your own taxes or pay someone else to do them?
  25. Medical Expenses Question
  27. Charitable Donations / RRSP - instead of taxes?
  28. Pre-tax bonus in RRSP & Filing taxes
  29. Return of Capital - good/bad?
  30. Question about trading US stock options Please Help!
  31. Income splitting options
  32. no desire to pay taxes as commonlaw
  33. How to determine original share cost/ACB?
  34. Second job... Tax impact
  35. Two principal residences?
  36. RRSP contributions from my employer
  37. Taxation of Dividends from Trusts
  38. Tax Free Savings Account Arbitrage
  39. Tax and audit horror stories
  40. TFSA withdrawl and tax
  41. Canadian dividends for lower income earners
  42. RRSP Eligible Income
  43. What's the rationale behind dividend gross-up?
  44. employer RRSP contribution
  45. Dividend Withholding Taxes
  46. tax shelter
  47. Capital Losses to Offset Previous Years' Capital Gains
  48. Capital Gains
  49. medical deductions
  50. A business idea
  51. Hst
  52. Anyone else getting audited?
  53. Rental income or not?
  54. Nursing Home costs
  55. Corporation payroll
  56. Long-Term Tax Strategy
  57. Capital Gains Tax Exemptions
  58. Canadian Convertible Debentures
  59. TFSA - Canadian Tire :(
  60. Investing under a business or corp
  61. RRSP, TFSA upon death and probate fees
  62. Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax
  63. Girlfriend selling house in Quebec and Moving to Ontario
  64. High Level Tax Question - Advice Needed
  65. HELOC Taxable Deductions-Help needed!
  66. Capital gains tax question
  67. Trigger tax loss with tsf to TFSA
  68. Stock Future rollover taxation question
  69. superficial loss rules
  70. Delisted Company (Nortel)
  71. Capital gains on joint propery with Mom?
  72. Possible to expense rent?
  73. Favorite Accounting Software?
  74. Restricted Stock Awards, Withholding and ACB.
  75. Increasing mortgage on Rental Property
  76. Dividend Income while on EI or Maternity/Paternity Leave
  77. What deductions do I get with a nanny?
  78. Reduce Taxable income with new corporation.
  79. Tax Software for income and rental income?
  80. How to complete a T5?
  81. Transferring assets to Canada from abroad - taxation?
  82. how to reduce taxes on severence
  83. Hypothetically Speaking
  84. Real Estate Capital Gains and Stock Capital Loss
  85. Stock Option Benefit Deferral, shares cancelled - now what?
  86. employer match for group RRSP counts for this year or next year?
  87. Can I claim my spouse?
  88. Investment Loan Interest???
  89. Work from home would like to file my OWN taxes ?
  90. StudioTax; Terrific but we need a FORUM for it
  91. Income tax 2009
  92. Tax loss selling and buying back
  93. CCA vs Current expense?
  94. Factoring in costs of trading at tax time?
  95. About estate taxes in Canada???????
  96. RRSP contribution limit question
  97. US Income
  98. Estate taxes on RRSP?
  99. Personal Income tax and corporation
  100. Attribution Rules Question
  101. Informal Trusts
  102. Should I pay off my HBP loan as quickly as possible?
  103. Free Tax Software for Corporations
  104. Pension - Defined Contribution Plan - questions
  105. Insurance - taxable benefit or not?
  106. Free Tax Software for Individuals
  107. tax write off for rental unit
  108. Re-Paying Pension Plan via RRSP
  109. Captial Gains on New Cottage
  110. Income declaration
  111. Tax on Foreign Stock Profits
  112. Studiotax is now certified
  113. Non resident withholding tax on US based Partnership
  114. Spousal RSP attribution question.
  115. legal expenses for adding spouse onto property title
  116. shareholder loans
  117. Tax on capital gain for corporation
  118. US Income
  119. withholding tax on dividends earned from US index fund in TFSA
  120. Oops
  121. Write a tax software review
  122. Giving money to my spouse for her TFSA
  123. Sold/Selling RRSP's
  124. Are these write offs?
  125. Entrepreneurs pay less taxes
  126. converted air miles to tax write off
  127. Interest - Capital Gains
  128. Medical Expenses
  129. Sposal RSP deregistration and DIVORce, not marriage breakdown
  130. Spousal RRSP contribution limits
  131. single vs. common-law: what changes?
  132. Lots of RRSP contribution room but no income, should I contribute from savings?
  133. Kid's first job. What is $ minimum to file
  134. what if I didn't claim rrsp contribution last year
  135. Tax treatment of foreign stocks and mutual funds for an immigrant
  136. couple of questions
  137. medical expenses
  138. unused capital loss mentioned on notice of assessement
  139. Depreciating your rental properties.
  140. What is CRA prescribed rate linked to?
  141. International tax implications, anyone please?
  142. US Estate Tax
  143. Claim currency exchange differential
  144. Tax bill out of left field, what can we do?
  145. Can you claim IT courses and certifications?
  146. Here's an odd question...
  147. Help with Home Business Deductions
  148. Business Profits
  149. Moving Expenses...
  150. Unused TFSA room
  151. Form T123-07 for first time capital gains
  152. Question about Stock Commission fees
  153. Smith Manoeuvre-savvy tax accounts in the GTA?
  154. CTV W5 documentary on tax nightmares
  155. Can I claim a capital loss on forced sale of my stock?
  156. Mature GIF Capital Gains
  157. Would renting a house forfeit capital gains tax exemption?
  158. Is it ok not to claim a credit?
  159. TFSA - what is CRA doing with overcontributions?
  160. Death: Estate tax question(s)
  161. Common Law VS Single Filing = loss?
  162. SM tax questions
  163. US estate tax in 2011 ??
  164. moving to Ontario from Quebec tax implications
  165. Eligible Dividends
  166. ON Property Tax Credit and Omitted Taxes from previous years
  167. filing taxes online more likely to get audited?
  168. Trying to make sense out of taxes with a tax software
  169. If I've signed up for direct deposit for tax refunds, am I signed up for automatic
  170. Taxes for 16 and 17 year old children
  171. Tax software
  172. Additional small income
  173. Best tax software for a first time DIY
  174. Car donation & self-employed
  175. Rental unit and CMHC mortgage insurance: deductible?
  176. Canada gift tax - Gifting money to US
  177. Tax Implications for Gift of Shares
  178. Capital Gains & Losses - Interesting Issue: Exchange Rate Rules on U$ Accounts
  179. A Twisty Tax Situation.. Advice appreciated
  180. Setting up an employee - payroll question
  181. Day Trader Taxes
  182. Capital Gain Question
  183. Hold foreign direct investments inside RRSP
  184. Active or Passive?
  185. TFSA questions
  186. office tax question
  187. Instrest on condo down payment
  188. Tax question regarding income splitting
  189. Gift Cash Tax
  190. Tax on US cap gains
  191. TFSA - Correcting a contribution mistake
  192. Dealing with additional consulting income
  193. Couch Potato and RRSP
  194. Re-mortgage to write off investment interest?
  195. Cap gains when intentions at time of purchase is to use
  196. Taxation and Investment Advisor?
  197. Smith Manoeuvre & Daycare Allowance
  198. Capital Gains from sale of Real Estate
  199. Previous RRSP Contibution room and only dividend income
  200. Capital Loss from 2006
  201. Cap gains lower rate?
  202. Health Spending Account - Corporation
  203. Don't mess with Canada Revenue
  204. REIT, ROC, and tax efficiency
  205. Will I pay taxes on my room rentals?
  206. Save up to 100% of your income taxes
  207. Where should I declare my income?
  208. Moving from Ontario to Quebec
  209. Funds moved to Canada
  210. Estimated taxes question
  211. US withholding on RRSP equities
  212. Fintrac Connection to Revenue Canada
  213. Car for employment, tax deductions
  214. Reverse prescribed rate?
  215. Home reno tax credit?
  216. Do Capital Gains Count for Tax Credits?
  217. Corporation Question
  218. Care helper is employee?
  219. kickstart your savings for 2011 TFSA
  220. paycheck calculator?
  221. can I write off my computer?
  222. Taxes on foreign dividends in RRSPs
  223. Sell from RRSP, then buy from Trading account
  224. Emigrating Canda - Keeping House as a Rental Property?
  225. Non-resident status and capital gains tax
  226. Money made from selling old stuff on eBay
  227. farmland mortgage interest deductability
  228. US Withholding Tax
  229. Tax deductions and Real Estate
  230. Would there be capital gains due if you sell one property to re-invest in another?
  231. Tax deductibility of margin interest.
  232. BC cuts income tax 15%
  233. Putting House Deed in Joint Names
  234. Family tax planning
  235. Employer to depsoit in RRSP vs self?
  236. Immigrant Spouse Tax Issues
  237. salary raised has changed my "in hand" pay cheque..Pls help
  238. Capital Gains, RRSP
  239. US Dividend Tax in TFSA
  240. Year end tax planning?
  241. US/Canadian dividend tax issues
  242. OAS Supplement
  243. Deed on Home
  244. Is the HST good policy?
  245. Did McGuinty keep his promise not to increase taxes?
  246. Incorporation and dividend tax - please check my calculation
  247. Transferring Private Pensions to Gov't Control
  248. stock options and EI
  249. incorporation two provinces
  250. The Screwed Generation: What the boomers are leaving their children