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  1. Real Estate Income Trusts (REITs)
  2. Rental or Principle Residence?
  3. Any real estate investors here? Buying Rental Property.
  4. Financing a US Property Purchase this month
  5. Buying your first house.
  6. Mortgage Insurance and CMHC
  7. Prime minus ?
  8. question for 'cash flow dam'
  9. Downside to cash back mortgages?
  10. Why would ANYONE buy a House NOW?
  11. Should we refinance?
  12. A Couple Useful Links
  14. Some useful info for those looking to buy investment property in FL, US
  15. break-even selling price
  16. Real Estate research
  17. Repair Fund?
  18. Selling Toronto Condo Assignment
  19. Spousal Insurance
  20. Looking at refinancing, any tools?
  21. Breaking a mortgage
  22. The Second Round of Mortgage Meltdowns
  23. Banks vs. Brokers?
  24. Upsizing strategies/suggestions?
  25. Cost of building upscale home
  26. Breaking Mortgage
  27. Line of Credit
  28. Gift tax on land, is there any?
  29. Buying property with my girlfriend
  30. Buying a property at 85 Emmett Ave
  31. How many years to be mortgage free?
  32. Buying property in Florida
  33. Struggling to come up with down payment
  34. Incorporate or Not?
  35. Tax Strategies for Rental Properties
  36. Using RRSP homebuyers' program for downpayment
  37. Will mortgage rate going up soon and home prices?
  38. Where to put saved money to buy a house?
  39. Should I sell now or hold?
  40. Home buying question...
  41. Investors Taking A Bet On Detroit
  42. Buying a Fixer-Upper
  43. Renting rooms in principal it (il)legal???
  44. Buying a rooming house
  45. Farm land????
  46. First Home Buyer in Oakville - Variable or Fixed?
  47. Buying a first home...what's a good offer
  48. Need advice on cash downpayment vs HBP through RRSP
  49. The American Dream or The American Delusion?
  50. Buying a house in Ottawa
  51. Best HELOC Available Right Now
  52. toronto Home prices
  53. Borrowing from parents to payoff mortgage
  54. Help with Refinance Calculations
  55. Commercial Real Estate Rates?
  56. Home Buying Resources
  57. US foreclosed homes - an investment?
  58. How much is this worth?
  59. HBP - 90 day lockout period question
  60. Does Smith Manoeuvre make sense with a low interest rate?
  61. Home Security Systems
  62. A little confusion about home buyers plan form
  63. Ridiculous
  64. Corporation for Real Estate Investing?
  65. Buying a new house and renting the old.
  66. Liability Insurance
  67. Housing Price Index Data - May 2009
  68. 1 year fixed mortgages
  69. Manulifeone / Calculate my Number
  70. Question about mortgage and house title
  71. CMHC and Mortgage Products
  72. Making money in real estate
  73. reinvesting profits from land into rental propety
  74. Canadian RE Bubble?
  75. Toronto Home Sales Rise Yet Again
  76. Real Estate Investment Company
  77. Prime minus ?
  78. First Time Home Buyer
  79. One of those Q's I should have asked earlier
  80. Florida
  81. Why I think condo's suck especially as investments
  82. Opinions on HSBC Sharia criteria
  83. CCA on rental in principal residence?
  84. To Upgrade or Grow Into
  85. Refinancing Mortgage At Lower Rate
  86. Case Shiller Index to July and cyclicality
  87. condo vs condo townhouse
  88. What's your "risk tolerance" for mtg balance?
  89. *GRAPH* Vancouver Real Estate
  90. How to Work With a Real Estate Broker
  91. Family Mortgage
  92. Fixed or Variable for a new mortgage today?
  93. Grad Student looking for investment property
  94. Source of the money used as a down payment?
  95. I Am Looking To Buy Commercial Property Or Apartments
  96. Buying vacant land 101?
  97. Insurance - Avoiding Mortgage Default Insurance if Other Insurance Policy in Place?
  98. Can RRSP money be used as down payment if not 1st time home buyer?
  99. mortgage amount
  100. Mortgage calculator
  101. Buying the company that holds the RE
  102. Land Transfer Tax - $400K
  103. Cost of Buying Resale or New
  104. Selling v. Renting
  105. buying in 2010
  106. Will apartment nearby cemetery affect price?
  107. buying rental property
  108. $1M RE Flip
  109. Save Cash VS Paying down the Mortgage
  110. Pick your tenants wisely
  111. Example of how bad it is in Phoenix, AZ
  112. Canada Doesn't Have A Subprime Market
  113. Investing in US REITs... Worthwhile?
  114. things to look for when buying a bank sale
  115. Sounds Crazy
  116. Vancouver condo or Burnaby House?
  117. 5 year fixed rates
  118. is the present time right to invest in Calgary property?
  119. Help me win a bet with Mike!
  120. How to properly evaluate income property
  121. ques about MLS & agents
  122. Max Square Footage allowance in Vancouver?
  123. New Investor
  124. Investing in USA property for the long term
  125. smith manoeuvre on a duplex
  126. Websites with info on US properties
  127. Office Property
  128. First time home buyer, need help.
  129. Am I an evil landlord?
  130. Downpayment
  131. Mortgage prepayment options/various lenders.
  132. Why do variable mortgages have terms?
  133. Buying Income property...should i put it in my personal name or company?
  134. Interested in multi-unit development
  135. Smith Man
  136. Closing cost defering
  137. A little help for someone looking to break in...
  138. Should I do a smith maneuver?
  139. Severely Unaffordable Housing Markets
  140. Mortgage rate...thoughts?
  141. Calculating mortgage penalties
  142. Real estate appraisers
  143. Proposed RE/mortgage changes
  144. Down payment question.
  145. Million Dollar question
  146. Buying a home that is a rental currently
  147. What is a cash flow positive rental property
  148. mortgage pre-approval & credit rating hit
  149. How much would you pay?
  150. Ques regarding offer on home
  151. Evicting tenants - how easy? (Ontario)
  152. Any thoughts on Daniels First Home?
  153. Marketing a FSBO
  154. Quartershare Vacation Properties
  155. Help with land problem
  156. Mortgage: withdraw from corp for bigger down payment?
  157. For first-time owner: Variable or Fixed
  158. Offer ACCEPTED!!!
  159. Having renters in principal residence
  160. Rezoning house into Mixed Use?
  161. Blend & Extend?
  162. what would you do in my situation? (Calgary)
  163. "Why Buying a House is a Bad Investment"
  164. Will the new Mortgage Rules Affect You?
  165. Buying "below your means"
  166. Starting a property management business
  167. Debt or Down Payment??
  168. Early renewal of mortgage?
  169. Buying in Florida
  170. New York Times article on Canadian real estate bubble
  171. First timers nerves
  172. The cost of hard wood floors
  173. Has anyone ever sold their own home?
  174. Help - tenants in arrears
  175. What's your Net Income to Rental or Mortgage ratio?
  176. Fixed? Variable? 3-yrs? 5-yrs? Mortgage Rate Hike?
  177. discharging a home line vs a traditional mortgage
  178. Student Rental Property Questions
  179. Timing for pre-approved mortgage
  180. First Rental Property experience - getting worse day by day..
  181. best way to generate income from vacant land?
  182. Real Estate Agents
  183. Some myths about Ontario tenancy rules
  184. Reverse Mortgage
  185. Average home price tops $1M in Vancouver
  186. Shameless plug for my blog post
  187. What should i choose...?
  188. Rental Property - Creative selling ideas
  189. First time home buyer, maybe
  190. buying property with family
  191. Ontario HST and home purchase
  192. Selling Real Estate
  193. Rent Increase?
  194. House/Condo lease?
  195. Automailings of SOLD listings?
  196. Cheap condos and townhouses like these two
  197. are we not in a real estate bubble right now?
  198. New Brunswick Tax Sales - Any Tips
  199. Capital gains or loss
  200. Article on home flipping
  201. The cheapest Canadian cities to buy a house
  202. Buying a small apartment block
  203. Things I learned Yesterday (at a landlord forum)
  204. Mortgage Stat for Spring 2010
  205. 2 Questions
  206. Mortgages Not Being Renewed
  207. Rent-to-own Investing
  208. possible tax deductions on special assessments?
  209. What do you think of me buying my parents home?
  210. The middle way between Realtor & FSBO
  211. Would you pay what your home is currently worth for it now?
  212. Montblanc Investment Corp and Real Estate Investment
  213. What to ask an RE agent
  214. Variable rate or RBC Ratecapper?
  215. Buyer Representation Agreement
  216. Your thoughts on future variable rate increases
  217. What would you pay ...
  218. Home inspection on a condo unit
  219. The Stripper With Dirty Feet - A Tenant From Hell Story
  220. Home for company/family
  221. Real estate Assignments
  222. How do you establish a real estate corporation
  223. Real cost of realestate?
  224. Best location around GTA,Ontario
  225. What to look at from the building/management when buying a condo?
  226. finishing basement
  227. MPAC Assessment challenge
  228. Buying property at less than market value
  229. Looking for opinions on a res/com property
  230. How do people go about to have rental properties
  231. Do i need a realestate agent?
  232. Does it matter where your mortgage come from?
  233. Primer on Canadian Mortgage Market - TD Economics
  234. Captial Gains - Selling Cottage, Buying Another
  235. Chelsea Gate Townhouses (on Finch)
  236. How much is this building worth?
  237. Flooring
  238. Circular holes for air cond
  239. Bloor - Islington/Kipling area
  240. Insurance for student rental house?
  241. Estimate of renovation costs?
  242. Condo vs Townhouse
  243. Student roomates as income for mortgage qualifying?
  244. Investing In A Cottage?
  245. Can you live in an office building?
  246. Out of town rental properties
  247. Decrease in home sales in Van and TO....
  248. Feedback - mortgage calculator
  249. Can realestate agents lie about offers?
  250. The ongoing CRE collapse in the US